im about to get so tan you guys 

- Icarus’s last words 

Die Weiße Rose ( The White Rose) was a non-violent, intellectual resistance group in Nazi Germany consisting of students from the University of Munich and their philosophy professor. The group became known for an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign, lasting from June 1942 until February 1943, that called for active opposition to Adolf Hitler’s regime.The text of their sixth leaflet was smuggled out of Germany through Scandinavia to the United Kingdom, and in July 1943 copies of it were dropped over Germany by Allied planes, retitled “The Manifesto of the Students of Munich.” Today, the members of the White Rose are honoured in Germany amongst its greatest heroes, since they opposed the Third Reich in the face of almost certain death.

“When I first got this role I just cried like a baby because I was like, “Wow, next Halloween, I’m gonna open the door and there’s gonna be a little kid dressed as the Falcon.” That’s the thing that always gets me. I feel like everybody deserves that. I feel like there should be a Latino superhero. Scarlett does great representation for all the other girls, but there should be a Wonder Woman movie. I don’t care if they make 20 bucks, if there’s a movie you’re gonna lose money on, make it Wonder Woman. You know what I mean, ’cause little girls deserve that.”


The Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, Holland, 1888

The Runaways at CBGB’s, New York, 1976


Margaery Tyrell flirting with chicks at her own wedding, and continuing to be a true inspiration to us all

“some guys just can’t hold their arsenic.”
— margaery tyrell. (via isaidgivemethefuckingfruit)



Variation of the “Teddy Girl” Theme via

Talk To Your Kids About Gangs